Introduction to Attribution

What is attribution in the context of Dreamwell and campaigns? Read to learn.

Proper tracking and attribution are needed to evaluate the success of influencer campaigns, optimize marketing efforts, and improve conversion rates over time. Dreamwell currently provides a single layer of tracking through our Pixel, but we also walk you through setting up discount codes to improve attribution even further.

The Dreamwell Pixel allows us to trace user behavior and measure the impact of our campaigns, while the discount codes offer a more direct means of tracking specific conversions related to influencer promotion. Setting up discount codes can be a manual process for Shopify stores until we complete our Shopify app, but it's recommended to employ both layers for comprehensive insights. However, the Dreamwell Pixel alone provides plenty of value and insights into conversion!

By analyzing this data, we’re able to see all sorts of insights about your influencer campaigns. The most important ones are clicks - how many clicked through to your ad - and conversions - how many converted on your website, eg. placed an order. We use this attribution data to identify which influencers and types of content drive the most conversions, enabling us to tune our ROI engine which then helps you make more sales on the platform!