How to Use UTM Parameters

UTM parameters are crucial to tracking performance, learn how to configure them properly here.

UTM parameters are tags that you add to your URLs. When someone clicks on a URL with UTM parameters, those tags are sent back to your Dreamwell Pixel for tracking.

When sending links to influencers, you must include the Dreamwell UTM parameters appended to the desired site’s URL to enable performance tracking. Copy the links from your brand deal page, which are available once the deal has passed the negotiation stage.

To demonstrate how these work, here’s an example link with our UTM parameters attached.

For YouTube influencer campaigns, the parameters should be set as follows:

  • utm_source should be youtube
  • utm_campaign should be the URL-safe campaign identifier provided by Dreamwell.
  • utm_medium should be the URL-safe brand deal identifier.
  • utm_content should be the URL-safe sponsored post identifier.

It's essential to replace "campaign-unique-id", "brand-deal-unique-id", and "sponsored-post-unique-id" with the actual identifiers provided by Dreamwell. Copy these links from the Dreamwell brand deal page, then optionally reference them in a discount code link or URL shortener.

By correctly setting up your discount codes and UTM parameters, you'll be able to accurately track the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns, optimize your marketing strategies, and maximize your return on investment.