Reeling In Profitable Influencers for Toadfish

Discover profitable influencers for Toadfish - a fishing apparel company that invests sales proceeds towards replanting oyster beds.

Reeling In Profitable Influencers for Toadfish

Welcome to the new chapter of our series on locating the ideal influencers at Dreamwell. This time, we're turning our focus to Toadfish, a company dedicated to preserving and restoring oyster habitats to clean our coastal waters. Utilizing our AI-driven platform, we've scanned and churned out YouTube channel suggestions that resonate with their brand ethos and product keywords. Let's dive deep!

Toadfish sells a variety of apparel associated with fishing and donates a portion of proceeds to saving the ocean.

Brand Description

Toadfish is a brand committed to safeguarding our coastal environments. Through their Put 'Em Back™ initiative, they replant and replenish oyster habitats across the country. Toadfish's broad range of products - from fishing gear to drinkware, kitchenware, and apparel - all serve a greater purpose. Every product sold contributes to the replenishment of new oyster beds, a direct effort to clean our coastal waters.

This harmonious blend of function and conservation makes them a favorite amongst customers who appreciate outdoor coastal living and a healthy ecosystem.

Stats from on their positive environmental impact.

Dreamwell Onboarding

The onboarding process with us is seamless. By entering the brand's website URL, our AI scans the website and suggests YouTube channels based on brand and product keywords. This allows us to pinpoint influencer partners that mirror the brand's values and target demographic, bypassing manual scouting across social platforms such as YouTube.

The Dreamwell dashboard with prospect YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel Recommendations

Based on Toadfish’s brand and product keywords, Dreamwell has suggested the following YouTube channels for consideration:


Tapping into Fisheryin’s YouTube channel for a potential partnership with Toadfish could be a gamechanger. With a hefty 90K subscribers, their influence is undeniable in the fishing community. They’ve been able to keep this audience engaged with their lively content, varying from different types of bait usage to boat modifications. Their style is playful and adventurous, perfectly aligning with Toadfish's spirited brand identity.

A key element that makes them an ideal influencer is their evident dedication to fishing, which is visible in their regular uploads and experiments with different techniques. This niche focus on fishing can be beneficial for Toadfish as it caters directly to their primary customer base. And with their 'fish for the adventure' mantra, this channel perfectly encapsulates the spirit of fishing and outdoor life, enhancing the appeal for potential customers who value the experience of fishing just as much as the catch itself.

Another point to consider is the channel’s trend of fishing tournaments and college lake adventures, which suggests they may appeal to younger audiences. This demographic could be a potential growth area for Toadfish, helping them reach a new generation of fishing enthusiasts who care about sustainable practices and coastal conservation, given Toadfish’s commitment to clean coastal waters.

Ultimately, this partnership could benefit Toadfish by providing authentic content and reaching a wider, engaged audience who are directly interested in fishing adventures, gear, and responsible practices. It's a natural fit that could reel in some significant results!

Fishin N Stuff:

If you're seeking an authentic, dedicated influencer to rep your brand, Toadfish, look no further than Fishin N Stuff. This YouTube channel, boasting an impressive 219K subscribers, is a hotbed of enthusiastic DIY-ers and fishing fanatics, the exact demographic you want to tap into.

Residing in North Carolina, the channel host's authentic love for fishing and creating is evident in every video, from DIY rodholders for bank fishing to storage hacks for boats. This is an audience that appreciates getting their hands dirty, but more importantly, values smart, practical solutions to common fishing problems, which aligns perfectly with Toadfish's ethos.

Fishin N Stuff's viewership is strong, with videos reaching up to 285K views. Each video offers actionable, unique content which keeps their engaged community returning for more. The creator's casual, relatable tone has made them a trusted voice in the DIY fishing space, which means a sponsorship with Fishin N Stuff could see Toadfish becoming a recommended name among an audience who trusts and values their opinion.

Additionally, given Toadfish's mission to help clean coastal waters, there's a built-in alignment with Fishin N Stuff's audience who are, by nature of their hobby, invested in the health and sustainability of our waterways. They're conscious consumers who are likely to appreciate and support Toadfish's conservation efforts, providing an authentic connection that goes beyond traditional sponsorships.

And there we have it! Our exploration for locating influencers for Toadfish using Dreamwell's onboarding process. By aligning with YouTube channels such as Fisheryin and Fishin N Stuff, Toadfish stands a fantastic chance of forming profitable partnerships that resonate with their brand's ethos and values.

But it doesn't stop here! Our next step would be to add some of these creators to our watchlist, gaining access to more detailed insights. Once we've gathered enough data to ensure a promising return, we'll kick off the campaign, monitor the results, and optimize conversions, all within the Dreamwell product suite!

To learn more about Toadfish and their mission to restore and protect coastal ecosystems, visit their website at and follow them on LinkedIn.

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