Everly: Influencer Prospecting Analysis

Discover profitable influencers for Everly - a sustainable candle company - by using the AI-powered Dreamwell onboarding flow!

Welcome to a new edition of our influencer prospecting series at Dreamwell. In this edition, we'll be prospecting influencers to sponsor for Everly, a brand that offers clean and refillable candles. Using our AI-powered platform, we've analyzed tryeverly.com and generated YouTube channel recommendations based on their brand and product keywords. Let's dive in!

Brand Description

Everly's candles are made with non-toxic ingredients and promote upcycling by providing refill options for their customers. The brand promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle while providing a unique and eco-friendly option for their customers. Their scents are also super unique, with my favorite being Palo Santo and Sage. You can purchase their products from their website.

Everly's candles are made with non-toxic ingredients and promote upcycling by providing refill options for their customers.

Dreamwell Onboarding

Our onboarding process is straightforward. By inputting the brand's website URL, our AI analyzes the website and recommends YouTube channels based on the brand and product keywords. This helps us identify potential influencer partners who align with the brand values and target audience, without manually prospecting across social platforms like YouTube.

The Dreamwell dashboard with prospect YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel Recommendations

Based on Everly’s brand and product keywords, Dreamwell has recommended the following YouTube channels for us to consider:

Morgan Long: Morgan Long's YouTube channel has 79k subscribers and an average of 46k views per video. She has a lifestyle channel that follows her interests of reading, cafes, city strolls, and seasonal activites. Her audience demographics are highly likely to enjoy Everly's candle products while engaging in cozy activities.

Charlotte Martel: With 458k subscribers and an average of 68k views per video, Charlotte Martel's channel is focused on making candles and other products out of wax. Typically with these DIY channels, there is a lot of the audience that are fans of the activity but don't do it themselves. Everly's refillable candles could strongly resonate with the audience that is interested in trying to make their own candles due to the sustainability benefits.

The Scented: The Scented's channel has 65k subscribers and an average of 8k views per video. Their content is focused on reviewing and recommending fragrances. As a refillable candle brand, Everly would be a good sponsorship fit as their products complement the channel's focus on scents and the importance of fragrance in daily life.

Emily Retro: With 4k subscribers and an average of 4k views per video, Emily Retro's channel features home tours, vintage decor, and DIY tips, making it a great fit for a candle brand. Their audience is likely interested in creating cozy, personalized living spaces and would appreciate the sustainability and customization options offered by Everly candles.

And there you have it! Our influencer prospecting analysis for Everly using Dreamwell's onboarding process. As a brand that specializes in clean and refillable candles, Everly could find profitable partnerships with YouTube channels such as Morgan Long, Charlotte Martel, The Scented, and Emily Retro, whose content aligns with their brand's expertise and values.

The Dreamwell platform doesn't end here! For next steps, we would add some of these creators to our watchlist so that we can access detailed insights. Once we have enough data to give us confidence that we'll receive a good return, we'll launch the campaign, measure the results, and optimize for conversion all within the Dreamwell product suite!

Example of a creator profile with detailed insights available.

To learn more about Everly and their clean and refillable candles, visit their website at tryeverly.com and follow them on LinkedIn.

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