Finding Influencers for Hennessy Hammock

Follow us as we find the most profitable influencers for the Hennessy Hammock brand to sponsor.

Finding Influencers for Hennessy Hammock

Greetings from Dreamwell! In our new edition of the influencer prospecting series, we'll be focused on finding the perfect influencers for Hennessy Hammock, a brand that's revolutionized camping comfort with their lightweight and innovative hammock designs. Our AI-driven platform has analyzed and generated YouTube channel recommendations based on the brand and product keywords. Let's get started!

Showcasing a Hennessy Hammock.

Brand Description

Hennessy Hammock has been pioneering the camping hammock market for over 20 years with its unique, fully enclosed hammocks designed to allow a flatter, more comfortable sleep. With a reputation for durability, lightweight construction, and innovative design, Hennessy Hammock provides a consistent and restful sleep experience for every hiking day.

... unique, fully enclosed hammocks designed to allow a flatter, more comfortable sleep.

Dreamwell Onboarding

Our onboarding process is streamlined and efficient. By feeding the brand's website URL into our AI, it analyzes the website and recommends YouTube channels based on brand and product keywords. This aids us in discovering the ideal influencer partners who align with the brand values and target audience, saving the need for manual searches across social platforms like YouTube.

The Dreamwell dashboard with prospect YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel Recommendations

According to Hennessy Hammock's brand and product keywords, Dreamwell has proposed the following YouTube channels for consideration:

Kyle Hates Hiking

With a growing fan base of 173K subscribers, Kyle Hates Hiking offers an engaging and unique perspective on all things hiking-related. His content blends valuable insights on gear and techniques with a narrative style that digs into mysteries and the darker side of the hiking world. This approach creates an undeniable intrigue, keeping viewers hooked and coming back for more.

Kyle’s love for hiking and his ability to communicate effectively with his audience has resulted in high engagement rates on his videos. His content on the “Hammock Experiment” stands out as a perfect example of his hands-on approach to reviewing gear, a segment that was watched by 29K people in just one month.

Partnering with Kyle for a brand sponsorship would be an exceptional opportunity for Hennessy Hammock. Given the channel's focus on gear, there's a strong chance that Kyle's audience would be interested in Hennessy's line of innovative, high-quality hammocks. Plus, given his knack for storytelling and high-engagement, Kyle can provide a unique, impactful platform for sharing the benefits of Hennessy Hammock with a highly relevant, outdoors-loving audience.


With his quirky antics and a taste for the unusual, Tyler of TylerTube has amassed an impressive 769K subscribers who eagerly wait to see what he'll experiment with next. His channel thrives on a healthy mix of fun, curiosity, and the sheer randomness of life, a recipe that keeps his audience captivated and coming back for more.

Tyler's genre of content—where he playfully tests and reviews all sorts of products, gadgets, and even food—provides an interesting potential brand partnership with Hennessy Hammock. Imagine a video where Tyler uses a Hennessy Hammock on a survival trip, tests its comfort by spending a night in it, or demonstrates its unique features with his signature comedic flair. A brand sponsorship with TylerTube could put Hennessy Hammock in front of a large and engaged audience that appreciates the fun, the practical, and the unexpected.

It's the authenticity of TylerTube that could make this partnership truly valuable for Hennessy Hammock. As he delivers his honest feedback with a pinch of humor and a dash of daring, his audience feels as if they're discovering and reviewing these products alongside him. This sense of genuine engagement could translate into higher trust and curiosity towards Hennessy Hammock, potentially leading to increased brand visibility and sales.

AK Adventures

AK Adventures could be a fantastic partnership for Hennessy Hammock, as their energetic and wanderlust-driven content appeals directly to an audience who values exploration and making the most out of life. A big part of the Hennessy Hammock brand ethos is about enhancing outdoor experiences, and AK Adventures have built a community around that very same passion. Their consistently high viewership, with some videos attracting over 100K views, means that Hennessy Hammock would gain substantial exposure by working with them.

From their latest adventures in Europe to Disney cruises, Aaron and Kyra demonstrate their authenticity and relatability in each video. They engage with their subscribers by sharing both the highs and the lows of their journeys, which builds a stronger relationship with their followers. This honesty could greatly benefit Hennessy Hammock, as the audience of AK Adventures would likely trust their opinion on products they choose to endorse.

Additionally, the fact that they enjoy both land and sea adventures shows versatility and wide appeal. This opens up various opportunities for integrating Hennessy Hammock into their content - whether they're setting up camp in the forests of Europe or finding a scenic spot to hang a hammock on a Caribbean beach. With AK Adventures, Hennessy Hammock could become a crucial part of every adventurer's must-have gear, turning their viewers into potential customers.


With BackpackingTV, you've got an audience of 119K avid backpackers who tune in for the latest in gear reviews, backpacking instruction, and thrilling action segments. Hosted by Eric Hanson, this channel caters to an outdoors-loving crowd - the exact kind of customer who would appreciate the quality and innovative design of a Hennessy Hammock.

Several of BackpackingTV's most recent videos - such as their reviews of ultralight backpacks and camping coffee makers - suggest a fanbase that values lightweight, practical, and high-quality gear. This aligns beautifully with the ethos of Hennessy Hammock, which prioritizes the same principles in its design and manufacturing.

Furthermore, BackpackingTV doesn't shy away from exploring in-depth topics in backpacking and survival - like their recent video on desert survival and starting a fire without a lighter or matches. A partnership with Hennessy Hammock could lead to similarly engaging content around hammock camping, potentially opening up a whole new aspect of backpacking for their viewers.

Our influencer discovery process for Hennessy Hammock, using Dreamwell's onboarding, has yielded these exciting potential partnerships. The next steps include adding some of these creators to our watchlist for more detailed insights. Once we gather enough data to ensure a positive return, we'll launch the campaign, track the results, and optimize for conversion, all within the Dreamwell product suite!

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