Daydream: Influencer Prospecting Analysis

Generate recommended influencers for Daydream - a sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens - by using the AI-powered Dreamwell onboarding process!

Welcome to the latest edition of our influencer prospecting series at Dreamwell. In this edition, we'll be prospecting influencers to sponsor for Daydream, a brand that offers sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens. Using our AI-powered platform, we've analyzed and generated YouTube channel recommendations based on their brand and product keywords. Let's dive in!

Brand Description

Daydream is a wellness-focused company that offers sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens. Their product provides a refreshing and healthy alternative to traditional sodas while offering the additional benefits of hemp and adaptogens.

I first tried their product a few months ago and it tasted fantastic! Their sparkling water comes in flavors such as peach ginger, mango chili, cucumber lime, blackberry chai, and pomegranate paloma. Peach ginger is my personal favorite.

You can purchase the product on their website and in various retailers across Canada.

Dreamwell Onboarding

The Dreamwell onboarding process is super simple! By inputting the brand's website URL, our AI analyzes the website and recommends YouTube channels based on the brand and product keywords. This helps us identify potential influencer partners who align with the brand values and target audience, without us doing the manual efforts of prospecting across social platforms.

The Dreamwell dashboard with prospect YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel Recommendations

Based on Daydream’s brand and product keywords, Dreamwell has recommended the following YouTube channels for us to consider:

Catherine June: Catherine June's YouTube channel has 142,000 subscribers and an average of 8k views per video. Her content focuses on her lifestyle, health routines, and wellness drinks, which aligns well with Daydream's product offering. Partnering with Catherine June would give Daydream an opportunity to showcase the health benefits of using their sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens to a new customer base.

FreshCap Mushrooms: With 386,000 subscribers and an average of 60,472 views per video, FreshCap Mushrooms' channel is focused on adaptogens. The channel aligns with Daydream’s values and target audience, making them a valuable partnership opportunity for the brand. The viewers of FreshCap Mushrooms are likely to be interested in Daydream's sparkling water due to the adaptogens included.

MindfulPeace: MindfulPeace's channel has 143,000 subscribers and an average of 12k views per video. Their content focuses on mindfulness, which aligns with Daydream’s health benefits regarding mind clarity and focus. The channel's audience is likely to be interested in Daydream's product as it offers a refreshing and healthy alternative to traditional sodas.

And there you have it! Our updated influencer prospecting analysis for Daydream using Dreamwell's onboarding process. As a brand that specializes in wellness drinks, Daydream could find profitable partnerships with YouTube channels such as MindfulPeace, Catherine June, and FreshCap Mushrooms, whose content aligns with their brand's expertise and values.

The Dreamwell platform doesn't end here! For next steps, we would add some of these creators to our watchlist so that we can access detailed insights. Once we have enough data to give us confidence that we'll receive a good return, we'll launch the campaign, measure the results, and optimize for conversion all within the Dreamwell product suite!

Example of a creator profile with detailed insights available.

To learn more about Daydream and their sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens, visit their website at

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