CC Spicy: Influencer Prospecting Analysis

Catch the second edition of our influencer prospecting series where we onboard CC Spicy - a chili oil company - to the Dreamwell product and analyze which influencers were automatically recommended by AI.

Hey there! Welcome to the second edition of our influencer prospecting series at Dreamwell, an influencer marketing SaaS platform. In this edition, we'll be prospecting influencers to sponsor for CC Spicy, a company that sells delicious, healthy, and clean chili oils. Using our AI-powered platform, we've analyzed and generated YouTube channel recommendations based on their brand and product keywords. Let's dive in!

Brand Description

CC Spicy is a health-focused company that sells clean and healthy chili oils. Crafted with healthier oils and incredibly simple, clean ingredients, these chili oils are a must-have addition to your life. I first started using their product a few years ago and they’ve been a staple at home ever since! The company promotes healthier living while providing tasty and flavorful options, and the founder (Chief Executive Chili Oil Maker) Catherine Chen is an inspiration to many in the Toronto DTC community.

I first started using their product a few years ago and they've been a staple at home ever since!

Dreamwell Onboarding

Our onboarding process is as simple as inputting the brand's website URL, and our AI automatically analyzes our website and recommends YouTube channels based on the brand and product keywords. This helps us identify potential influencer partners who align with their brand values and target audience.

The Dreamwell dashboard with prospect YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel Recommendations:

Based on CC Spicy’s brand and product keywords, Dreamwell has recommended the following YouTube channels for us to consider:

Asia Jackson: Asia Jackson's YouTube channel has 480,000 subscribers and an average of 14k views per video. Her content revolves around her lifestyle which covers traveling, health routines, and fitness. Due to her consistent viewership and audience demographics, partnering with her could be a great opportunity to showcase the health benefits of using CC Spicy’s chili oils to a new customer base!

Food Impromptu: With 339,000 subscribers and an average of 58k views per video, Food Impromptu's channel is focused on delicious recipes for vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Their content aligns with CC Spicy’s values and expertise, making them a valuable partnership opportunity for CC Spicy. The vegan and vegetarian audience tends to love their product due to the simplicity of only having four ingredients!

Jane Esselstyn: With 132,000 subscribers and an average of 16k views per video, Jane Esselstyn's channel focuses on recipes around plant-based nutrition and health. Janes frequently uploads videos of her and her mother sharing these recipes with their loyal audience. The loyalty and consistency that comes with this channel could be very profitable for CC Spicy.

And there you have it! Our influencer prospecting analysis for CC Spicy using Dreamwell's onboarding process. As a brand that specializes in healthy and clean chili oils, CC Spicy find find profitable partnerships with YouTube channels such as Asia Jackson, Food Impromptu, and Jane Esselstyn, whose content aligns with their brand's expertise and values.

The Dreamwell platform doesn't end here! For next steps, we would add some of these creators to our watchlist so that we can access detailed insights. Once we have enough data to give us confidence that we'll receive a good return, we'll launch the campaign, measure the results, and optimize for conversion all within the Dreamwell product suite!

Example of a creator profile with detailed insights available.

To learn more about CC Spicy and their healthy and clean chili oils, visit their website at and follow them on LinkedIn.

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