Using The Influencer CRM

Leverage the Dreamwell CRM to organize and automate your influencer marketing activities.

On the Partnerships page, you'll find a snapshot of all your brand deals and progress them through various stages. Reminder, that brand deals can be created from any creator profiles page by following the “Create Brand Deal” flow.

Each card on the Partnerships page represents an influencer you're working with, showcasing the campaign's name and the agreed ad price. Cards are categorized into different stages, from "New" all the way to "Live Ad" and "Long Term Deal". This way, you can track the progress of each brand deal at a glance.

The Brand Deal Preview

Click on a brand deal card for a deep dive into the details of each deal.

In the Brand Deal Preview Modal, you'll find a wealth of info and action items:

  • Pricing: This section shows the price you've offered, the influencer's quote, and Dreamwell's recommended price. All these fields are editable, so you can adjust them as negotiations progress. For instance, if an influencer quotes a new price, update the "Quoted" field to keep everything up-to-date.
  • Estimated Views: Get a sneak peek into the potential reach of your ad with this influencer.
  • Posts: Find the type and status of the posts the influencer will be making.
  • Actions: Here are listed all the actions you can take through the brand deal life cycle. Examples include generating an AI-outreach email, configuring the tracking pixel and links, and viewing deal performance. View the performance tab for more details on deal and campaign performance.
  • Notes: This editable field allows you to jot down any additional information or reminders related to the deal.

Ready, Set, Launch!

Once everything's lined up and the posts are live, make sure you have the Dreamwell Pixel installed and keep an eye on the performance tab for up-to-the-minute campaign data. Use these insights to fine-tune your strategies, modify your collaborations, and ensure you're reaching the right people in the most effective way. Here's to successful launches!