Why your Influencer Campaigns Suck

Learn why influencer marketing campaigns sometimes flop and how to find creators who genuinely align with your brand. Announcing Dreamwell early access list!

By the end of this article, I’ll show you why your influencer campaigns didn’t earn as much as they should have, and what you can do about it.

Read on.

ALRIGHT. Why do we hate the term “influencer marketing” so much:

  1. Could it be because you tried working with influencers in the past and wasted $7,000 on an influencer who generated $200 for your brand?
  2. Is it because the term influencer just isn’t sexy?
  3. Or maybe it’s the fact that when I used to throw parties for influencers and celebrities in Los Angeles while managing a content mansion in the hills (true story, see YouTube channel), the influencers themselves would call each other ‘influencers’ as a way to literally make fun of each other?

Maybe it’s all of it.

But one thing you cannot deny are the following facts:

  • The influencer marketing industry has grown from 16 billion to 21 billion dollars from 2022 to 2023
  • Influencers are more trusted than celebrities when making product recommendations
  • Every child has heard of MrBeast

Yes, the term ‘Influencer marketing’ can sometimes send shivers down a marketer's spine. But don’t knock it, especially if you haven’t properly built a profitable campaign that 10x’s your ad spend.

So…let’s talk about these influencer campaigns, shall we?

The focus should no longer be solely on finding the most popular influencers with the highest follower counts. Instead, businesses should be looking for genuine creators who align with their brand values and have the ability to drive revenue and traffic to their website. After all, impressions are great, but conversions are even better.


So, how can businesses find these genuine creators? Find influencers that have a track record of driving real results. Instead of solely relying on vanity metrics like follower count, brands should look for creators who have a loyal and engaged following, and can actually move the needle for your ad spend!!

Creators can bring a level of authenticity that traditional advertising can't.

Sorry Bob, some random actor in a TV commercial for a car insurance ad.

When a creator (lol, I mean influencer) shares their experience with your product or service, it feels more like a personal recommendation than a paid advertisement.

What if, when searching for an influencer to work with, they don’t have a track record of successful campaign performance? Meaning…what if you can’t find an influencer based on revenue they’ve generated in their past deals (you probably can’t since this ROI data is confidential and not even shared with the influencers, which is another problem I have)?

Having done this for so long, as both a YouTuber and influencer manager, you pick up on these things and they become intuitive.

What if a platform could mimic this intuition?

Well now it can. I’m proud to say that I’ve partnered with my 2 tech cofounders and product geniuses: Anthony, top staff engineer from Instacart, and Xin, a full stack engineer with a successful SaaS exit and 3 time founder, to bring you our new AI-powered machine: Dreamwell.

And we’re not just throwing AI-powered into the wording of our platform to generate fake buzz. It really is powered by AI in a way no other platform has done before.

How do I know?

Because I’ve used most of them, and seen almost all of them.

So, instead of dismissing influencer marketing as a buzzword, or on your past experience for working with influencers who never had a chance of converting any value from their ads, try something new. Try our new platform and see for yourself.

Early access list is open on our website: www.dreamwell.ai.

Sign up as we’re only accepting 1,000 early access users during our launch.

Happy influencing.