Navigating the Markets Page

Learn how to navigate the markets page to find influencers on our platform.

Navigating the Markets section is how you find and initiate campaigns with the most profitable influencers for your brand. It's where you view influencers grouped by categories and benchmarked by the greatest influencers in their category.

Upon landing on the Markets page, you will be presented with multiple sections, each providing a different perspective of the influencer landscape. Below, we'll guide you through each section:

Here we show trending sections to highlight top influencers based on their recent content performance. Let’s break down each section.

This section displays the channels that have seen significant growth in views in the last 24 hours. The percentage change indicates the growth or reduction of average views compared to the previous 24 hours. This feature can help you spot rising trends and influential creators whose content is resonating with viewers in real-time.

Rising Channels 24H 📈:

Here, you can see the channels that have gained subscribers rapidly in the last 24 hours. These are potential emerging influencers who may provide excellent opportunities for brand partnerships.

Top Channels 🚀:

Top Channels showcases influencers with the highest average views. These are established creators who have demonstrated consistent success in engaging large audiences.

Top Rated Channels ✅:

Top-rated channels are the ones that are performing well in terms of both views and subscriber growth. These influencers have demonstrated consistent quality content and audience engagement.

Search Influencers

You can also search for specific influencers (Youtube channels) directly. This feature is especially useful when you already have a few influencers in mind and would like to see their performance metrics.

This searches not only across influencers in our database but also across social platforms like YouTube. For influencers not in our system, you can add them to your prospects right from this view.

Influencer Profiles

Depending on your current markets tab, you’ll see a list of influencers with their ad pricing, recent engagement estimates, and Dreamwell score. Click into any influencers to see their complete profile page.


Collections are custom lists that you can use for managing influencers. Create a new collection here and view existing ones.


View categories of channels grouped by their content focus, such as Cars, Travel, Fashion, etc. Exploring these categories could help you identify channels within specific niches related to your brand. During the onboarding process, our AI suggested categories that are aligned with your brand to make things easier, so you should see those pinned here.

Influencer Categories

Influencers aren't all the same. That's why we categorize them based on factors like the topics they cover, their audience demographics, and their online presence. Each category serves as a reference point, allowing us to compare and benchmark influencers against their peers. These comparisons give you a clearer picture of their performance and help you make more informed decisions.

Pricing and Benchmarking

Each influencer's score is benchmarked against other channels in their category. The better they perform in comparison to others, the higher their score. This score is reflected in their pricing, which is typically referencing the price of a standard 30-60 second ad spot on YouTube. Higher scores equate to higher prices but remember, this usually translates to better campaign performance too.

The Markets page is a powerful tool to analyze, compare, and discover YouTube influencers. Understanding the details and functionalities of this page will significantly aid in identifying the most profitable influencers for your brand.