Analyze Creator Profiles

Analyze a creator's profile to understand if they have the potential to generate ROI for your brand.

Each influencer on our platform has a dedicated profile page that includes a variety of things to help you determine their value in a potential brand deal. Here, you can dive deep into a content creator's performance metrics and understand their audience dynamics, all in one place.

The creator's profile page is split into several sections:

At the top, you'll see the influencer's name and their current ad pricing. This price has been benchmarked and adjusted based on their performance relative to other influencers in their category.

The "Collections" section allows you to add the influencer to any of your collections for easy access later.

Audience Analysis and Deal Creation

The "Channel Insights" section houses the "Generate Insights" button. Clicking this button will leverage ChatGPT to provide you with an AI-generated analysis of the influencer's channel and content in relation to a potential influencer marketing partnership. This analysis includes a deeper understanding of the influencer's content, audience demographics, and engagement.

The "Audience Analysis" section gives you insights into the creator's audience, including engagement metrics and viewer consistency. These statistics can help you understand the audience's loyalty, their enjoyment of the influencer's content, and their overall engagement levels.

The "Create Brand Deal" section is where you can select your preferred ad type and length, then Dreamwell will recommend a price. You can also see the estimated views that your ad might receive. Clicking this will open up a modal to create the brand deal.

Performance Metrics

Scroll further down to find the influencer's performance metrics. This includes their estimated views, likes, comments, and subscriber count. You'll also see their performance trends over the past month, three months, or six months. You can toggle between displaying their ad value over time or their video views over time.

The "Latest Videos" section gives you a snapshot of the influencer's recent content along with their performance in terms of views. This can help you understand the influencer's current content strategy and audience preferences.

With all these comprehensive insights at your fingertips, Dreamwell enables you to make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right influencers for your brand.