Onboarding with Dreamwell

The Dreamwell onboarding process explained and discussed in detail.

We understand that onboarding onto a new platform can feel daunting, but we aim to make this process as smooth and intuitive as possible at Dreamwell. Our onboarding process is designed to help us better understand your brand, your products, and your target customers. With this information, we can provide the most accurate recommendations and help you launch successful campaigns.

What the Onboarding Process Does

The onboarding process at Dreamwell comprises several steps that introduce you to our platform and set the foundation for your future influencer marketing campaigns.

  1. Provide Company Information: You'll start by entering your company name and website. This gives us basic information about your brand.
  2. Website Scan: Our AI will then scan your website to understand your products and potential marketing objectives. The scanning process helps us to understand your business better and forms the basis of our AI-driven recommendations.
  3. Dreamwell Dashboard: Once the scan is complete, you'll be directed to your Dreamwell dashboard. Here, you'll find a Getting Started guide that you can use to step through what to do next, as well as an overview for your campaigns once some deals are launched.

Once onboarded, your account is now ready to engage with all the features our platform has to offer - from prospecting influencers to measuring the performance of live deals.