Ana Luisa: Diverse Influencer Marketing on YouTube

Learn about Ana Luisa's approach to influencer marketing on YouTube and how they find success with niche audiences.

Ana Luisa: Diverse Influencer Marketing on YouTube

Ana Luisa has more than 50,000 five-star reviews, and it's not just because of their quality jewelry. They're also really good at teaming up with YouTube influencers.

In this article, you'll see how Ana Luisa has found success connecting with diverse audiences through influencer partnerships. I'll explain what types of content they sponsor, how their ads are typically structured, and why their approach is so effective. As a brand, you won't want to miss these insights.


Our study looked at Ana Luisa's YouTube collaborations over the last 12 months. We analyzed over a dozen channels across various niches, from lifestyle vloggers to ASMR artists. We focused on key aspects like ad formats, influencer types, audiences, and the messaging consistency in these sponsorships.

Influencer Portfolio

Lifestyle Vloggers

Simply Shaneeze (3.88K subscribers)
Great for reaching a younger, fashion-conscious audience who enjoy everyday routines and style tips.

  • Video: "Easy Everyday Morning Routine || ft Ana Luisa"
  • Why: Her everyday routine video fits well with Ana Luisa's branding of daily luxury. Her content is relatable and her audience is likely to be interested in affordable, yet quality jewelry.

Julie Nueva (6.65K subscribers)
Strong European following, good for brands wanting international exposure.

Louise Ware-Armstrong (5.15K subscribers)
Targets an audience interested in a balanced, international lifestyle. She brings in a daily-life vlog style.

hillxlee (7.37K subscribers)
Targets a student and young adult audience with a focus on significant life moments like graduation.

Hobbyists & Creative Channels

Noa Jasmine (1.35K subscribers)
Ideal for reaching an audience interested in reading and literature.

StarDede (36.7K subscribers)
Great for tapping into the DIY and sewing community.

  • Video: "Easy and Simple Summer top + Ana Luisa"
  • Why: StarDede combines fashion with Ana Luisa jewelry, appealing to an audience who views jewelry as an essential part of their outfit ensemble.

mochibujo (47.3K subscribers)
Targets bullet journal enthusiasts and stationery lovers.

Kenzie Scarlett (6.47K subscribers)
Appeals to fans of shopping hauls and accessory collections.

  • Why: Focuses on a haul video where Ana Luisa is the star. Great for viewers specifically interested in jewelry and could drive more focused conversion.

Home & Family Channels

Shenell (1.53K subscribers)
Strong in showcasing collections and appeals to those interested in luxury at an affordable price.

Eleonora Home (8.14K subscribers)
Home and lifestyle-oriented, focusing on unboxing and product reviews.

Mandy Flores (15K subscribers)
Great for reaching those interested in household chores and family lifestyle.

Special Interest Channels

asmr with dena (36.7K subscribers)
Targets ASMR enthusiasts, presenting an opportunity for Ana Luisa to be featured in a unique setting.

Ocean Tarot (7.71K subscribers)
Reaches an audience interested in spirituality, adding a layer of depth and meaning to Ana Luisa's pieces.

Content Sponsorship Format

Ana Luisa excels at giving YouTubers the creative leeway to fit the brand into their unique narratives, whether it's lifestyle vlogs or specialized content. The influencers maintain their authentic voice while still hitting the necessary brand touchpoints, like consistent CTAs, links, and brand messaging.

From daily routines with Simply Shaneeze to DIY projects with Noa Jasmine, the brand presence feels organic. Channels like Shenell and Eleonora Home smoothly integrate Ana Luisa into their family-oriented themes via hauls or unboxings. Even niche channels, such as asmr with dena or Ocean Tarot, offer specialized yet consistent CTAs aimed at niche audiences. The approach strikes a healthy balance, granting influencers creative freedom while ensuring brand consistency.

Key Success Factors

Ana Luisa works with a wide range of influencers, from beauty gurus to lifestyle vloggers. They don't shy away from smaller channels since they have a strong influencer intake form, but rather use it to their advantage by building a more dedicated and engaged customer base.

Even though the content is diverse, there's a common thread: the audience. Across all content categories, the viewers are the type of customers Ana Luisa wants. So, while the content varies, the people watching it are similar in ways that matter to the brand.

In every video, the CTA is consistent with the messaging to "Elevate your everyday with long-lasting jewelry you'll love at prices you'll love even more." They also give each influencer a dedicated discount code. This makes the audience more likely to buy because they feel they're getting a special deal.

So, Ana Luisa is doing a lot right. They reach into various communities but keep a clear focus on their target customers. And they always include a clear next step for potential buyers, making it easy for people to make a purchase.

Closing Thoughts

Ana Luisa has a healthy influencer roster by engaging with diverse yet targeted communities and driving action through consistent messaging.

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